Thursday, 8 August 2013

Some Better Royal Baby Names

Normally I wouldn't bother with royal celebrity gossip but as people were gushing over the royal baby, our future overlord and master, I was thinking, "Hey; Wouldn't it be cool if they went with a traditional Anglo-Saxon name?". Like Beowolf for example. Or how about some of the other Saxon kings such as;

harold ii england

Offa (r. 757-796)

Egbert, King of Wessex (r. 802-839)

Ethelwulf (r. 839-856)

Ethelbald (r.856-860)

Ethelbert (r. 860-866)

Ethelred (r.866-871)

Alfred 'The Great' (r. 871-899)

Edward 'The Elder' (r. 899-924)

Athelstan (r.924-939)

Edmund I (r. 939-946)

Edred (r. 946-55)

Edwy (r.955-959)

Edgar (r. 959-975)

Edward II 'The Martyr' (r. 975-979)

Ethelred II 'The Unready' (R. 979-1013 and 1014-1016)

Sweyn Forkbeard (r. 1013-1014)

Edmund II 'Ironside' (r Apr - Nov 1016)

Canute 'The Great' (r. 1016-1035)

Harold Harefoot (r. 1035-1040)

Hardicanute (r. 1035-1042)

Edward III 'The Confessor' (r. 1042-1066)

Harold II (r. Jan - Oct 1066) BTW his brother who tried to usurp the throne was named Tostiq, his two other brothers were named Gyrth and Leofwine, his father was Godwin and the arch-bishops who anointed him was named Ealdred and Stigand.

Edgar Atheling (r. Oct - Dec 1066)

Note; I know that Canute, Hardicanute and Sweyn Forkbeard were actually Norse but what the Hell.


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